Windows 7 Parental Controls

Windows 7 Parental Controls

Parental Control Feature Summary

Time Limit Controls: Internet Blocking: Web Filtering: Chat Monitoring: Activity Reports: Email Alerts: Remote Access: Download Blocking: Predator Alerts: Keystroke Logging: 100% Guarantee: Trial Download: Price: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No Included

Windows 7 Parental Control Software Review For most parents, it is not the latest computer game or windows application that they are after; they are more looking into using the most efficient parental control software available. This is because it is pretty obvious that children today are commonly using open Internet and may come across websites or applications that may pollute their young minds.

Cyber pornography is just one of the most common problems that parents may encounter in the Internet; not to mention tons of materials containing profanity, sex and violence which are very harmful to expose to children. Parents are more concerned of protecting their kids from these elements. They would like to have something that could help them monitor their kid’s activities on the Internet even without them at their kid’s side all the time.

Because of this need, experts have developed software that can implement monitoring and even discipline among the youngsters today. Windows 7 parental control is just one of the software around that provides the monitoring that parents need for their kids. This software can deliver good results and peace of mind to parents especially to those who are at work all the time.

With this software, parents can still see what their children are doing over the Internet. There may be other software in the market today. They may offer features and benefits that differ from one another. But the best thing about these types of software is that they all provide the monitoring and reports that parents need to know what their children are actually doing when using the net.

Windows 7 can give full control to the parents on their kid’s Internet activities. It can limit games and time of usage for your kids. Aside from games, you can also set controls on the applications being accessed by your kid. From this, you can avoid giving more time to your kids playing computer games.

Sometimes, too much computer games can take off the time for studies. It can also filter out games that are too violent for your kids. You can set limit or even block applications that concern chat or email to make sure that your kid will be safe from online predators. You can take control on your kid’s accounts especially on social media sites where online predators are always around looking for their victims.

It can generate reports on all activities done by your kid so that you may know other applications or activities that are prohibited. You will be given reports on the websites visited, messages received and sent through email or chat and applications or games used. You will also receive screenshots so that you can see the actual activity that you child is up to.

Windows 7 provide safety measures and tools for parents to take control on their children’s Internet usage. It allows them to limit their kid’s usage and applications or programs used and accessed. This is a safer way to protect your children from abuses on the Internet even while you are away. And the best thing about this software is that you can actually block harmful programs and websites so that your child will not even have the chance to access them.

Parents can use this even if they are at work. They can also monitor their kids without being detected. This way, their kids will not know when and from where they are being monitored. The Windows 7 software can provide the protection and kind of surveillance that parents need to keep their children safe from Internet abuses, pornography and other influences that may be harmful for their kids. This allows kids to have an enjoyable but safe Internet usage with much needed guidance and discipline from their parents.

This is the chance for parents to take control over their children’s activities especially when using the Internet. Parents should take a greater role in instilling discipline and control over their children even if they are not always around. They should be able to do monitoring especially on the technologies being used by their kids to make sure that no online predators can target their kids.

Windows 7 software can take care of a powerful technology like the Internet. It can make the Internet a beneficial technology without its downsides and harmful effects to

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